Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat


The Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat encompasses 285 acres of land owned and managed by the Kennebec Land Trust. A one-mile loop trail travels through the portion of the conservation area on the east side of he Webber Pond Road, following along the shore of Webber Pond. On the west side of the road, a short trail leads down to a cattail marsh. The remainder of the conservation area is set aside for wildlife habitat.

Getting There
From Cony Rotary in Augusta, head north on Riverside Drive (Bangor Street) to Vassalboro. After crossing the Vassalboro town line, continue 1.7 miles and turn right on the Webber Pond Road. Follow the Webber Pond Road 2.8 miles to a small parking area on the right. A Kennebec Land Trust sign marks the trail head. The sign shows a map of the trail and the preserve, but paper maps are not available; however the trail is well-marked and easy to follow (Brochure with map available here).

The Trails
Distance: Approximately 1 mile
Time needed: 30-45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

From the parking area, the trail heads into a wooded area of tall pumpkin pines. White blazes on numerous tree trunks mark the path. The trail is overall level and wide, with some gradual hills. After heavy rains it's very wet in areas. The trail comes out of the woods under a powerline corridor, crosses a small bridge and splits in a T. Take a left turn along the broad grassy path. Orange surveyor's tape in the trees mark's the trail; turn right into the pine woods where the tape markings end. The trail heads down to the lake and follows the shoreline. The trail fades into the woods a bit at this point, but bright surveyor's tape marks the way (presumably the path of a trail still to be built). Cozy picnic areas with log chairs have been laid out along the shoreline. After following the shoreline for some distance, the trail angles right, back into the woods and re-joins the powerline corridor. Turn right and continue back to the bridge and from there back to the parking area.

Kid-Friendly Factor
The Vassalboro Wildlife Area trail is a well-marked, fairly easy trail that is ideal for kids of all ages, with the added bonus of the lake provides a fun destination. Although wide and fairly level, the trail is quite muddy and would probably not work well for a stroller, but babies in packs and older kids with sturdy legs will enjoy the hike, especially if you go late in the season when the mosquitoes have calmed down and the trail may be a bit drier.

Getting Involved
Contact the Kennebec Land Trust for membership and volunteer opportunity information.

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